About Adam

Adam Wright-Johnson is a thirty-four year old male originating from Birmingham, UK.

A solitary figure built on the single idea of creating something in his mind that goes on to live inside another’s, giving them a place to escape to when they need it.

A mental health advocate, Adam has struggled with both depression and anxiety, and his desire to write stems from those things, because whilst he wants to offer escapism, he would also like somewhere to disappear to when he should need it.

Adam began writing at an early age, often illegibly scribbled on pieces of colouring book or discarded newspaper. Over the years, Adam has built many worlds and characters that he holds dear to his heart, and many plots it is taking him time to flesh out and bring to life.

Adam is capable of writing many genres whether they fiction or non-fiction, but his real passions lie with fantasy and horror. Growing up in a house with a visual artist, Adam was exposed to horror from a questionably early age, and grew up watching movies like Alien and The Thing. Those exciting, emotive, and atmospheric scapes have formed the adult, creating visions and worlds which whilst exotic, are rooted in reality, practical and dangerous.

Other styles include post-apocalyptic realism. Adam is very much a visionary with landscapes, and enjoys his time exploring the boundaries of the ones he creates, giving them full exposition on the page.

Other hobbies of Adam’s include role-playing video games, reading, history, American football (which he also writes about), and skateboarding.

He hopes you will join him for an adventure in the not-too-distant future. . .

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