Welcome to WrustWrites – A site dedicated to the imaginings of Adam Wright-Johnson


Thank you for visiting the writing page of Adam Wright-Johnson.

Here, I hope to give you an insight not only to the worlds I create, but to help you explore them. Over the next few weeks I will be updating the page to encompass more ideas and creations, to show you a diverse range of writing, and hopefully capture your imagination!

I will be bringing all sorts to the table, including high fiction, sci-fi, adventure, and horror, but as a lover of gaming and history, I’ll also be offering gaming pieces, biographies, and insights in to historical cultures. I will be deep-diving in to my upcoming adventure to the land of Peru, where I plan to explore the Inca trail and the jungle, hopefully avoiding all spiders . . .

I hope you enjoy your time with me. Please, make a drink, take a seat, relax, and just experience.

With love,

Adam Wright-Johnson

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